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Clutch Kit + Dual Mass Flywheel Mini (R56) One D, Cooper D 1.6 2.0 D Mot

Clutch Kit + Dual Mass Flywheel Mini (R56) One D, Cooper D 1.6 2.0 D Mot
Clutch Kit + Dual Mass Flywheel Mini (R56) One D, Cooper D 1.6 2.0 D Mot
Clutch Kit + Dual Mass Flywheel Mini (R56) One D, Cooper D 1.6 2.0 D Mot
Clutch Kit + Dual Mass Flywheel Mini (R56) One D, Cooper D 1.6 2.0 D Mot
Clutch Kit + Dual Mass Flywheel Mini (R56) One D, Cooper D 1.6 2.0 D Mot
Clutch Kit + Dual Mass Flywheel Mini (R56) One D, Cooper D 1.6 2.0 D Mot

Clutch Kit + Dual Mass Flywheel Mini (R56) One D, Cooper D 1.6 2.0 D Mot  Clutch Kit + Dual Mass Flywheel Mini (R56) One D, Cooper D 1.6 2.0 D Mot
Clutch Kit + Dual Mass Flywheel Mini (R56) One D, Cooper D 1.6 2.0 D Mot. This product sheet has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Clutch Kit + Dual Mass Flywheel Mini (R56) One D, Cooper D 1.6 2.0 D Mot. Dual-mass flywheel Improve driving comfort and reduce torque vibrations with the Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF) for Valeo transmission systems. Bi-mass flywheel for better vehicle efficiency and driving comfort. One in two machines that come off the assembly line is equipped with a DMF - this equipment rate is constantly increasing. The bi-mass flywheel filters dynamic vibrations between the engine and the gearbox. Thanks to two independent inertia flywheels connected by a lining or insulating lining, including a damper system, the DMF waterproofs the gearbox and the rest of the vehicle to the engine explosions vibrations, thus improving driving comfort. Choose Valeo: Designed for lasting performance> High-quality "best in class" spring used> Ball bearings and long-life insulating linings (no maintenance required)> Addition of a stable clutch system damping design for life Specifically designed for each vehicle application> Regulated with low stiffness for maximum noise reduction> Optimized filtering performance for "cracking" and "popping" issues> Applications from 200 Nm to 500 Nm of engine torque Driving comfort improvement> Improved gear changing comfort and durability of the gear synchronizer by reducing the inertia of the clutch disc> Fuel consumption reduction at lower speeds thanks to excellent noise reduction Among its latest launches, Valeo offers applications such as Peugeot 308, Citroën C4, Opel Astra, Mercedes Class ABCS Valeo offers 3 innovative solutions: DMF with internal damper: At high speed, the centrifugal force pushes the springs against the spring guides and creates friction.

Due to this friction, the number of active helical springs is reduced; therefore, the effective stiffness of the spring is increased and the filtering capacity is reduced. In the DMF with internal springs, small straight springs are integrated into the drive plate. Less sensitive to centrifugal load, they are able to filter vibrations. For some particularly complex applications, especially on rear-wheel drive (RWD) vehicles, an extremely low level of vibration must be reached at the gearbox input.

Valeo's long-travel damper technology (LTD), developed for automatic damping transmissions, is integrated into the DMF to achieve this. Long-travel DMF damper: The LTD DMF significantly reduces perceived vibrations and engine noise. This represents a major breakthrough in powertrain filtration technologies. This breakthrough is all the more important as fuel-efficient engines currently under development have higher torque and therefore generate more vibrations, especially at low speeds. The LTD DMF absorbs the engine torque vibrations generated towards the transmission, thereby increasing the comfort of the vehicle occupants.

Two compact filtration devices give the LTD DMF the necessary qualities to become an essential component of tomorrow's high-performance conventional engines as well as hybrid powertrains, which have strict installation constraints. The LTD technology is based on two sets of three springs that work in series and are synchronized by a back plate. The straight springs are less sensitive to centrifugal load than curved springs. This offers less friction, so the filter is better than with curved springs. In addition to the well-known dual-mass flywheel technology, the LTD DMF integrates a long-travel damper developed by Valeo for the torque converters of automatic transmissions.

This combination offers optimal filtering, especially during startup, thanks to a maximum angular deflection of 80°, as well as exceptional performance at all engine speeds. The long-travel dual-mass inertia flywheel Valeo offers levels of comfort never before reached on most fuel-efficient engines.

The NVH (Noise-Vibration-Harshness) level and the NVH gear change ease offer remarkable driving comfort even for engines most prone to vibrations. Flexible flywheel: the shaft bends under the force of a strong combustion in the engine cylinders. This generates an oscillation of the shaft on the flywheel, which is screwed onto the end of the crankshaft. Constraints occur between the bearings and the crankshaft, generating vibrations. If not filtered, the result is an engine-induced rumble, axial flywheel vibration, and potential increased vibration on the clutch pedal. The flexible flywheel filters axial vibrations transmitted by the engine crankshaft. This is achieved by adding a flexible sheet on the engine side of the flywheel. The crankshaft deformation continues, but is not transmitted to the flywheel due to the flexible plate, resulting in reduced engine noise at high speed, reduced crankshaft deflection, and reduced vibration level on the clutch pedal.

CLUTCH KIT The quality of Valeo transmission systems, performance, and experience of traditional kits More powerful engines, longer ratios, and new life cycle specifications have led to the development and introduction of more complex clutch designs such as Valeo SAT (self-adjusting technology). SAT is a revolutionary Valeo technology that uses an auto-adjusting wear compensation device in front of the pressure plate, thereby enhancing clutch life and improving pedal comfort.

Valeo also provides its self-adjusting technology to heavy-duty manufacturers. As an aftermarket solutions provider, Valeo engineers have designed a new clutch kit called HEC (High Efficiency Clutch) to replace the competitor's self-adjustable clutch and provide complete satisfaction in terms of quality, reliability, and durability. This is achieved through better cover assembly and low wear (range from 190 mm to 260 mm), the result of years of research in Valeo's research and development centers. This solution does not require specialized tools which facilitate assembly operations. Currently, over 3,400 references (kits and components) cover 91% of the total car range, with a significant presence at all major automakers such as French, German, Korean, Japanese, and Italian manufacturers. Choose Valéo An expanding offer for Korean and Japanese automotive applications. Valeo offers great business opportunities with Asian applications.

With the same level of quality and service as other Valeo ranges. Valeo invests in all product ranges to significantly expand its offer for Korean and Japanese vehicles and help streamline your sourcing. With a range that includes over 670 kit codes, Valeo's estimate of coverage of the Asian auto range is now 80%. The new references mainly include traditional clutch kits and cover all vehicle generations. Some well-known applications are available for Hyundai Accent, Nissan Micra, Daewoo Matiz, Suzuki Grand Vitara, Toyota Aygo and Yaris, and many others.

More experience: Refurbished range for commercial vehicles. Valeo regenerates the clutch kit for Commercial Vehicles, especially in large diameters exceeding 330 mm. The refurbishment process is integrated into our factory that assembles OE clutch kits. Thanks to the implementation of an efficient collection process across Europe, Valeo is able to obtain carcasses from all its customers, saving up to 50 kilograms of raw material per kit (up to 90 kilograms for Twin Disc kits).

After collection, the carcasses are sorted, disassembled, and cleaned, and before reassembly on the production line, the components are tested on benches. The regeneration process strictly meets the same specifications set for the OE. Hydraulic thrust bearing (CSC) CSC, clutch actuator for transmission for fully hydraulic systems Valeo With the arrival of new technologies and the new needs of automakers, it has become increasingly difficult to mount the pedal with the lever in a straight line.

That is why more and more automakers are using hydraulic systems that allow them to maintain an optimal and constant effort level on the clutch pedal. These systems are much more flexible and reliable than manual systems.

Firstly, they allow for optimal and constant effort on the pedal. Secondly, the material used is much lighter (70% weight reduction compared to standards) and compact. This is the main reason why this technology is easier to implement in OE projects In response to this market trend, Valeo has developed a wide range of hydraulic parts: clutch master cylinder (CMC), hydraulic clutch actuator (CRC), and hydraulic release bearing (CSC). The clutch master cylinder and hydraulic clutch actuator are used in the "semi-hydraulic" system, while the hydraulic release bearing (CSC) is also used in a "fully hydraulic" system.

In 2017, 131 million vehicles are expected to be equipped with a CSC. Valeo offers a range of over 150 references covering all major applications, such as for Fiat 500, Punto, Ford Fiesta, Focus, Hyundai Sonata, Mercedes Class A, Opel Corsa, Renault Clio, Megane, Ssangyong Actyon, and Volkswagen Transporter. As in the "semi-hydraulic" system, the fully hydraulic system is based on the same principle as hydraulic brakes and consists of a master cylinder (CMC), a flexible hose, and a receiver.

In the "full-hydraulic" system, the receiver is a hydraulic thrust bearing (CSC). The CSC is a hydraulic cylinder with an integrated release bearing that eliminates the clutch lever and conventional release bearing. It is connected to the clutch cable. The CSC is in direct contact with the clutch housing mechanism, increasing the efficiency of the hydraulic system.

The advantage of the CSC is to eliminate the fork and the bearing. Thus, eliminating fork deformation under stress and increasing the efficiency of the unlocking system. Therefore, the pedal load is reduced. The CSC is concentric with the transmission input shaft. This also reduces the number of components, making it easier to mount on the vehicle. Until 1995, the hydraulic clutch system technology was similar to hydraulic brake technology, consisting of an aluminum master cylinder and a cast cylinder connected by a steel and rubber hose. The weight of this assembly was about 1000 grams.

The complete function with bearing, fork, and guide tube weighs about 1,700 grams. Since 1995, the intensive use of plastic materials and CSC has significantly reduced the weight and costs of parts. Now, the total weight of the assembly (CMC, tube, CSC) is around 400 grams. With the disappearance of the release bearing, fork, and guide tube, the complete hydraulic function has experienced a weight reduction of 75%.

Valeo info Since the CSC is located inside the transmission housing, replacing this component has become much longer (at the same time as the clutch replacement) compared to semi-hydraulic systems. It is therefore necessary to systematically change the CSC when replacing the clutch.

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Clutch Kit + Dual Mass Flywheel Mini (R56) One D, Cooper D 1.6 2.0 D Mot  Clutch Kit + Dual Mass Flywheel Mini (R56) One D, Cooper D 1.6 2.0 D Mot