Mini One Cooper

Demont Hitch Mini Clubman R55 Sedan 3-5 Doors 11002 750 50 07-15 / C E1

Demont Hitch Mini Clubman R55 Sedan 3-5 Doors 11002 750 50 07-15 / C E1
Demont Hitch Mini Clubman R55 Sedan 3-5 Doors 11002 750 50 07-15 / C E1

Demont Hitch Mini Clubman R55 Sedan 3-5 Doors 11002 750 50 07-15 / C E1   Demont Hitch Mini Clubman R55 Sedan 3-5 Doors 11002 750 50 07-15 / C E1

Demont hitch mini clubman r55 sedan 3-5 doors 11002 750 50 07-15 / c_e1. Subsequently a sample is created to verify the perfect adaptibilté during the assembly phase, the strength of the structure and security through a phase of effort developed test over 2 million cycles. Once the goal has been reached in the presence of the Italian ministerial authority, the hitch is approved in accordance with European legislation 94/20 / ec.

We sell hitches produced by companies that have received certification qualitée iso9001 / 2008. Tow bars are designed to suit the standard bumper. This excludes sports models, titanium, and zetec variants etc.

To use the tow bar with the stabilizer alko the customer must contact the seller as some tow bars are not suitable for Alko-. The images are used for illustrative purposes only and are designed to be suitable for use as announced. Please note that tow bars for the vehicle are tested for cars with a simple twill exhaust system and if you have a different type, you will need a extra support.

Please nhésiter not to contact the seller if you have a problem. The kit contains: - coupling - device coupling ball - and transverse bars fasteners - bolts and nuts - assembly instruction - a test certificate. Be aware that the quality is invaluable in trendiest road safety! R55 sedan 3-5 doors, no cooper, no spare wheel, control tractabless weight. We only sell products by teams of European companies are certified ISO 9001/2008 with a maximum respect for the aesthetic characteristics of the vehicle. All teams are approved in accordance with European legislation 94/20 / ec.

Installation instructions are clear and complete and are in English or pictograms. We have an assortment of more than 1,000 teams always available in our warehouse. All feedback is compared to the teams. We do not use private advertising as the others. We assure you full guarantee Rambour.

Please refer to the image in the gallery to the assembly instructions as possible as the main image does not match. The hitch is shown for illustrative objects. For those vehicles equipped of a control system, it is necessary to use a wiring kit with bypass relay or dedicated wiring kit. Our main goal is your complete satisfaction.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service or our technical team. For us it is really important your opinion, positive or negative. R55 sedan 3-5 doors, no cooper. The following conditions apply to all contracts for sale of the company.

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  1. year of final production: 2015 <\/ li>
  2. vertical load (kg): 50 <\/ li>
  3. ean: not applicable <\/ li>
  4. Type: only hitch <\/ li>
  5. Removable: yes <\/ li>
  6. Cutting bumper: not <\/ li>
  7. manufacturer part number: 181100200021000000 <\/ li>
  8. year production start: 11/07 <\/ li>
  9. dismantling bumper yes <\/ li>
  10. type of hitch: hitch démonable <\/ li>
  11. manufacturing country: Italy <\/ li>
  12. Vehicle brand: mini <\/ li>
  13. Maximum towing capacity (kg): 750 <\/ li>
  14. Retractable decision: yes <\/ li>
  15. Model: clubman <\/ li>
  16. Version: r55 sedan 3-5 doors, no cooper <\/ li>
  17. brand: umbra Rimorchi <\/ li>
  18. value (kn): 6.5 <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Demont Hitch Mini Clubman R55 Sedan 3-5 Doors 11002 750 50 07-15 / C E1   Demont Hitch Mini Clubman R55 Sedan 3-5 Doors 11002 750 50 07-15 / C E1