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Mini Cooper S R52 R53 03-07 Jcw Extension 23.5kg 550cc Fuel Injector +

Mini Cooper S R52 R53 03-07 Jcw Extension 23.5kg 550cc Fuel Injector +
Mini Cooper S R52 R53 03-07 Jcw Extension 23.5kg 550cc Fuel Injector +
Mini Cooper S R52 R53 03-07 Jcw Extension 23.5kg 550cc Fuel Injector +

Mini Cooper S R52 R53 03-07 Jcw Extension 23.5kg 550cc Fuel Injector +   Mini Cooper S R52 R53 03-07 Jcw Extension 23.5kg 550cc Fuel Injector +
Mini cooper r52 R53 jcw 03-07 extension 23.5kg 550cc fuel injector +. This product sheet is originally written in English. Please find below an automatic translation in French. If you have questions please contact us. Model Ad 2018 Mini cooper r52 R53 03-07 jcw upgrade 52lb fuel injectors 550cc + adapters. Set of four fuel injectors Gasoline / high performance brand aftermarket gasoline marked 4x for quick application with road level / stroke. These fuel injectors ev14 feature a high performance design, with technology of racing fuel injector for a fuel faster and higher rail pressures. These injectors offer improved response at low pulse width, with a more reliable response rate. These saturated injectors are manufactured in composite quality plastic, with an internal filter and a fuel nozzle with 6 holes disc. Suitable for installation in most types of multi-valve engines and modern. Injector body: metal and plastic composite with factory. O-ring seals top and bottom. Power Connector: 2 pin ev14.

Resistance coils: 12 ohms high impedance. Spray pattern: split off cone 6-hole nozzle. Length of the injector: O-ring to O-ring, 2.1 inch, 53.5 mm. Length of the injector: overall, 2.6 inches, 65.4 mm. O-rings: up and down, viton 14.5 mm.

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  1. reference numeral oe / oem: 0280158117 <\/ li>
  2. brand: df <\/ li>
  3. Unit amount: 4 <\/ li>
  4. manufacturer part number: 0280158117 <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Mini Cooper S R52 R53 03-07 Jcw Extension 23.5kg 550cc Fuel Injector +   Mini Cooper S R52 R53 03-07 Jcw Extension 23.5kg 550cc Fuel Injector +